Fort George Community Services, Inc.

Helping children and their families in Washington Heights and Bronx Morrisania for over 35 years

1525 St. Nicholas Ave.
New York, NY 10033
(212) 927-2210
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  • Emergent literacy, numeracy, and language skills
  • Positive attitudes toward learning
  • Developmentally appropriate educational environments
  • Link families to educational agencies to obtain needed services

Ft. George provides a high quality education program that allow children to acquire skills and competence to cope effectively with the present environment and later responsibilities in school and everyday life.

Ft. George recognizes, respects and supports the diversity of children attending the program by providing the children with various experiences, activities and material with increasing complexity and challenges as children develop.

Ft. George utilizes the Creative Curriculum to design developmentally appropriate learning environments and experiences for children.

The curriculum reflects the interest and strengths of individual children responding to their differing styles and paces of learning and respecting the varying languages and cultures in the community that Ft. George services.

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Universal Pre Kindergarten (UPK)

Our Agency is a partner with the New York City Department of Education’s Universal Pre Kindergarten (UPK) Program. Our high quality UPK program enhances school readiness, lays the foundation for later achievement, and improved graduation rates. As a partner we adhere to the New York State Pre Kindergarten Common Core. The Common core is organized into five broad developmental and interrelated domains. The following is a brief description of each domain:

  • Approaches to Learning: How children become involved in learning and acquiring knowledge.
  • Physical Development and Health: Children’s physical health and ability to engage in daily activities.
  • Social and Emotional Development: The emotional competence and ability to form positive relationships that give meaning to children’s experiences in the home, school, and larger community.
  • Communication, Language, and Literacy: Children’s understanding, creating, and communicating meaning.
  • Cognition and Knowledge of the World: What children need to know and understand about their world and how they apply what they know.  This domain is a direct reflection of the content competencies and knowledge of the Common Core Learning Standards.