Fort George Community Services, Inc.

Helping children and their families in Washington Heights and Bronx Morrisania for over 35 years

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  • Children are assured they receive needed medical, dental and mental health services.
  • Meals and snacks meet a child’s daily nutritional needs.
  • Families are linked with health care providers to obtain needed services.



A comprehensive medical form is initiated for each child upon date of entry. Assistance is provided to families in finding a medical home to perform necessary exams if they have none in place. This consists in helping the  parent to get on Medicaid or other health insurance plans that connect families with a medical provider.  We assist, educate, and empower parents to make choices which are individualized and beneficial. We also assist parents in completing the necessary paperwork involved; and help parents make and keep appointments through timely reminders.


Ft. George ensures that a child’s nutritional needs are met. During enrollment a child’s nutritional needs and any nutritional concerns of the family are discussed; i.e, eating patterns, cultural and religious preferences, and special dietary concerns are noted and reported to all parties involved in the child’s nutritional program. If any problem presents itself; with the parent’s’ permission, the child is referred for nutritional services.

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Ft. George ensures that any problem related to nutrition is addressed and communicated to the family. A child’s height and weight are measured twice a year (approximately every 6 months) to monitor growth. Hemoglobin and/or hematocrits are done (as part of?) or the physical, within the first 90 days of enrollment. Any height, weight, hematocrit, or hemoglobin that is out of the normal range is addressed in an MD  Statement (Medical Follow Up Form) and recommendations are made by the doctor at that time to address those issues.

 Mental Health

A Mental Health consultant works with Ft. George to ensure that program practices are responsive to identified mental health needs.

Ft. George utilizes the expertise of a Mental Health Professional to assist with the selection of screening instruments, provides guidance for staff and parents regarding children’s issues, and assists with referral process as needed.

Ft. George looks at the whole child prior to making decisions.

In reviewing a potential health or developmental issue. Multiple sources are used, with the parent as a primary source of information regarding the child. The Case Management Team meets to review the child’s strengths, family issues, and current concerns to determine the plan of action needed to support the continuing development of the child.

In addition to developmental screenings and initial referrals, ongoing observations and assessments are continually reviewed.


Ft. George’s Disability Plan that provides strategies for the inclusion of children with disabilities in an environment that helps them to develop socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development. We strive to make sure that 10% of our enrolled slots during the year are filled with children with disabilities.

Related services, including SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher), occupational, physical, and speech therapy are all provided at our center and where applicable in the classroom itself.  Staff at Ft. George work with the LEA/CPSE, community agencies and service providers to make sure services for children with disabilities are coordinated and implemented. We are sensitive to the diverse cultural backgrounds of our families. All classrooms are bilingual.

Ft. George strives to provide quality services to children with disabilities and their families. We advocate for families and empower them to advocate for themselves and their children.