Fort George Community Services, Inc.

Helping children and their families in Washington Heights and Bronx Morrisania for over 35 years

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How to Register Your Child



Q: How old must my child be?
A: 3 years old by Dec 31st or no older than 5

Q: Were must my child live?
A: The child must live in the area bordered by 179th and 193rd Streets between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.

Q: What must the Family Income be?
A: Incomes levels are set by the current poverty income guidelines.


What You Will Need to Bring:

Proof of family income which includes:

  • Pay stubs W-2 forms

  • Proof of TANF
  • Income verification form

Proof of your child’s age:

  • Birth certificate / Passport

Two proofs of residence from this list:

  •  A residential utility bill
  • Documentation or letter on letterhead from a federal, state or local government agency
  • An original lease agreement
  • A current water bill for your residence
  • Official payroll document
  • Residential notarized affidavit form